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                                                                          Corporate Overview


                                                                          赌博游戏前身爲成立於1959年1月的中國市政工程西北設計研究院勘察分院,現爲中國市政工程西北設計研究院改制分立的獨立法人實體,隸屬於中國建築集團有限公司(CSCEC)  。持有工程勘察綜合類甲級(含岩土工程、水文地質勘察、工程測量)、岩土工程檢測甲級、地基基礎檢測甲級、地質災害危險性評估乙級、水資源論證單位乙級等資質 ,並通過了GB/T19001-2016質量管理體系、GB/T24001-2016環境管理體系、GB/T28001-2011職業健康安全管理體系認證和計量認證  。可承擔不受行業和地域限制的岩土工程勘察、岩土工程設計、工程物探、測試、檢測、監測等岩土工程項目、水文地質勘察、工程測量、地下管網探查及信息化系統建設、地質災害危險性評估等多項技術服務業務。


                                                                          公司組織機構健全 ,專業設備齊全 ,現有員工185人,擁有一大批高中級專業技術人才 。其中甘肅省勘察設計大師1人、甘肅省領軍人才1人、註冊土木工程師(岩土)和註冊測繪師21人,教授級高級工程師6人、高級工程師25人、工程師36人 。配備有先進的勘探設備、測試設備、測量儀器和設備精良的檢測試驗中心 。

                                                                          六十年來,本公司積極面向全社會,爲國民經濟各部門、各企業提供技術服務和技術諮詢。先後完成國內外工程項目千餘項,業務足跡遍佈甘肅、陝西、新疆、寧夏、內蒙、青海、廣東、福建、貴州、湖南、江西、安徽、浙江、江蘇、山東、山西、西藏等省市,同時在加納、尼泊爾、孟加拉國、阿爾及利亞、赤道幾內亞、安哥拉等國家承接和參與海外業務。涉及多個工程領域,在溼陷性黃土、軟土、大厚度填土、碎石土、鹽漬土等特殊岩土地基分析與評價方面積累了豐富的經驗,取得了突出成就,在省內外享有較高聲譽 。先後獲得蘭州中川機場擴建工程等國家級、省部級優秀勘察設計獎50餘項,獲得專利發明20餘項,主編和參編《甘肅省岩土工程勘察規範》、《大厚度溼陷性黃土場地工程處理技術規程》等數十項技術規範和手冊,爲岩土工程專業發展做出了積極貢獻。

                                                                          在激烈的市場競爭中,本公司遵循“科技創新、產品一流、顧客滿意”的企業宗旨,進一步更新經營理念 ,提升管理水平 ,提高服務質量 ,全力打造省內外有影響力的技術服務型現代企業。

                                                                          本公司將竭誠爲您提供優質的技術服務和技術諮詢!我們熱切期望廣大客戶和社會各界朋友與我們展開合作,共謀發展 ,共創美好未來 !

                                                                          Gansu CSCEC Municipal Engineering Investigation and Design Institute Co.Ltd. was established in January 1959. And it is the secondary units of former China Northwest Design institute of Municipal Engineering ,  now under the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC). It possesses the Comprehensive Grade A Qualifications for Engineering Survey(including geotechnical engineering, hydrogeological survey, engineering measurement), Grade A for geotechnical engineering testing, Grade A for foundation testing,Grade B for geological disaster risk assessment, and Grade B for water resources demonstration units. And it passed GB/T19001 -2016 quality management system, GB/T24001 -2016 environmental management system, GB/T28001 -2011 occupational health safety management system certification and measurement certification. And it mainly engaged in  geotechnical engineering survey, geotechnical engineering design, geophysical exploration, testing, monitoring, hydrogeological survey, engineering measurement, underground network exploration and information system construction, geological disaster risk assessment and many other technical services .

                                                                          Gansu CSCEC Municipal Engineering Investigation and Design Institute Co.Ltd. has a sound organization and complete professional equipment. There are 185 employees ,including a large number of senior and middle-level professional and technical talents. Among them, there are 1 master of survey and design in Gansu Province, 1 outstanding talent in Gansu Province, 21 registered engineers(including civil geotechnical engineers and registered surveyors), 6 professorial senior engineers, 25 senior engineers, and 36 engineers. And it equips with advanced exploration equipment, testing equipment, measurement equipment and well-equipped testing and testing center.

                                                                          Over the past 60 years, Gansu CSCEC Municipal Engineering Investigation and Design Institute Co.Ltd. has actively provided technical services and advice to all sectors and enterprises of the national economy. Totally,by now it has completed more than 1,000 projects at home and abroad, with business footprints in Gansu, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi and Tibet. At the same time, it underttook and participated in overseas operations in Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Angola and other countries. Generally speaking, it involves in a number of engineering fields and has accumulated rich experience in the analysis and evaluation of special rock and soil foundations such as collapsible loess, soft soil, large thickness earth filling, crushed stone soil, and saline soil, and has achieved outstanding achievements. So it has had a high reputation both inside and outside the province. And also it has successively won more than 50 national, provincial and ministerial level outstanding survey and design awards ,such as the expansion project of Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, obtained more than 20 patented inventions, and edited  the " Code for Investigation of Geotechnical Engineering in Gansu Province" and "Technical Specification for Ground Treatment of Collapsible Loess with Great Thickness" and dozens of other technical specifications and manuals. So it has made positive contributions to the development of geotechnical engineering.

                                                                          In the fierce market competition ,Gansu CSCEC Municipal Engineering Investigation and Design Institute Co.Ltd. constantly and consistantly follows the corporate purpose rules "science and technology innovation, first class products, customer satisfaction", to further update the business philosophy, to improve the management level,  to improve the quality of service, and to make every effort to create influential technology service modern enterprises inside and outside of Gansu province .

                                                                          Gansu CSCEC Municipal Engineering Investigation and Design Institute Co.Ltd. will be dedicated to providing you with high quality technical services and technical consultation! We fervently and eagerly hope that the customers and friends from all walks of life will cooperate with us to seek the common development and to create a better prospect  in every effort !